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Business Law


The National Trial Lawyers: Top 100 Trial Lawyers, an invitation

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Joint Ventures

Premier trial lawyers from each state in the nation who

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Management Agreements

Achieve the best possible outcome though no attorney can

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Ensuring Legal Compliance

He applies his expertise, skill, and experience in all criminal

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Business Consulting

Meet stringent qualifications as civil plaintiff and criminal defence

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Real Estate & Title

Title And Lien Searches

Uncovering potential property encumbrances to inform buyers and sellers, and assisting in resolving any issues that may arise.

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Title Agent

Ensuring accurate and clear property ownership through meticulous title examination and the resolution of any discrepancies.

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Escrow Services

Safeguarding funds during transactions by providing secure, neutral third-party escrow services, and facilitating closing procedures.

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Purchase And Sale Of Property

The demand and appetite improve meats in technology is only

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Guidance On 1031 Transactions

Navigating tax-deferred exchanges, ensuring compliance with IRS regulations, and maximizing tax benefits.

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Opinion Of Title

Assessing the validity of property ownership by conducting thorough title examinations and providing expert legal opinions.

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Power Of Attorney

Representing clients with authority and expertise, managing legal affairs, and making crucial decisions on their behalf.

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Issue Title Policies

Protecting against ownership disputes by issuing comprehensive title insurance policies to safeguard your property investment.

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Intellectual Property


Protecting your brand identity by offering expert advice on trademark selection, registration, and enforcement of your intellectual property rights.

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Guidance And Help With Trademark Registration

Assisting in securing your intellectual property rights by guiding you through the trademark registration process and ensuring compliance.

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Criminal Law


Providing tenacious representation for those facing misdemeanor charges, working diligently to achieve the most favorable results possible.

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Aggressively defending clients facing serious felony charges, utilizing comprehensive strategies and legal expertise to strive for favorable outcomes.

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Helping to clear your criminal record for a fresh start by navigating the expungement process and advocating for your eligibility.

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